We value our customers

Sanger Fence was founded in 2006 with a simple goal: build quality fences and relationships that stand the test of time.

Today, Sanger Fence has become a large-scale business by consistently delivering on this vision. We can point to fences throughout the state that are still standing decades after we built them. Many of our original employees are still with us (a testament to the way we treat our workers) and in some cases second and third generation Sanger Fence employees have joined our team as well. 

And (most importantly) many of our original clients have returned to us again and again with their fencing needs. In many cases, these customers have become extensions of the greater Sanger Fence family.

Above and Beyond Service

Sanger Fence believes in building fences and relationships that stand the test of time. Sam Renteria originally founded Sanger Fence in the early 2000s. Today, we’ve become one of the largest, most trusted names in commercial and residential fencing in the Central Valley. As our team continues to grow considerably over the years and our network of happy customers continues to expand, one thing remains the same – our unwavering commitment to excellent customer service. See what sets us apart from other fence contractors.

On Call 24/7

Our team is always on call. We understand that for many of our customers, maintaining the security of their property or facility can’t wait until “normal business hours.” If someone drives a car through a customer’s fence in the middle of the night, one of our on-call technicians can fix the problem immediately — not sometime the next day. 

The Best Employees

We train our employees extensively and treat them with the utmost respect, which translates to happier workers, reduced turnover, and better results for our customers. Most fence companies pay their workers by the hour, so employees often drag out jobs to pad their hours. Our employees are able to earn salaries which encourages them to work quickly and efficiently (because the faster they are done, the faster they get home.)

In-house engineering

No job is too big or unusual for Sanger Fence. We offer in-house engineering for highly custom builds, so we can design structures that are strong and suited for even the wildest of applications (such as the bespoke tiger and bear enclosures and viewing areas we constructed for the Monterey Zoo).

We serve most of California

Our central California location allows us to serve most of California. From Burbank to the Oregon Border, from the Pacific Coast to the Nevada state line, we service Tahoe, The High Desert, Eureka, the Bay Area, and Central Valley.

The latest Materials

A lot has changed about fencing materials and construction techniques since our beginnings — and as new innovations hit the market, our industry continues to evolve. We always push ourselves to stay on top of the latest in fencing technology so that we can offer our customers the very best.

Superior insurance

Sanger Fence Co. is licensed, bonded, and fully insured. Especially when compared with other fence contractors, we always carry a large insurance package, which enables us to take on larger-scale jobs. Our insurance practices are another reason that Sanger Fence Co. is in a league of our own.