Types of Farm Fencing

The majority of farm fencing is constructed using wire, but not all farm fencing is comparable. Large animals (such as beef or dairy cattle) demand different fence characteristics than small livestock (such as poultry) or animals that are known to climb (such as goats). To address different use cases, we employ a variety of wire thicknesses (gauge) and construction techniques.

The gauge of a metal wire is measured using the American Wire Gauge (AWG) rating. In this system, smaller numbers indicate heavier wire and make for a stronger fence. But wire thickness is only half of the story. Strength also depends on how wires are secured together. Inexpensive ag fences feature wires that are simply spot-welded at their intersection point. More expensive ag fences weave, crimp, and knot wires together for additional desired amounts of strength.

In addition to wire ag fencing, we build custom farmhouse fencing and wood farm fences for farmers and growers who do not wish to use wire.

Sanger Fence offers:

Farm Fence and Gate Solutions

Farmers and growers rely on a variety of fence types to confine and protect their land, livestock, and crops. Whatever the application, we can help design and install an ag fencing solution to meet your needs. 


Whether you need a welded wire fence around several acres of land or a barbed wire fence around a livestock enclosure, we perform farm fence installation that meet farmers’ needs.


Even if you didn’t buy your fence from us, we can breathe years of new life and usability into fences and gates that need repair.

Previous Projects

When it comes to beautiful residential fences, our work speaks for itself. See for yourself in our gallery of previous projects.


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