Types of Chain link Fabric Offered

Chain link is constructed using a number of different techniques and processes, and different kinds of fabric are suited for different kinds of fences. What follows is an overview of available fabrics. We can help you choose an appropriate one.

Galvanized After Weaving (GAW) — With this process, wire is woven into a chain link fabric first. Then a galvanized coating is applied by soaking the chain link fabric in a galvanized bath. With not “cut” end, this type of fabric is incredibly resistant to the elements.

Galvanized before Weaving (GBW) — In this process, coating is applied to wire before the chain link fabric is woven. This type of chain link is easy to spot by exposed “cut” ends at the end of the fabric.

Aluminized — Aluminum coated fabric combines the strength of steel the longevity of aluminum. Commercial grade steel rods are drawn into wire of the appropriate diameter and then heat coated in a bath of molten aluminum.

Selvedge  Selvage refers to the way that the top and bottom of the fabric are “finished” after being woven together. A “twisted” selvedge forms pointed prongs along the edge of the fence, while a “knuckled” selvedge’s wires are folded over on each to make the fence less sharp.

Rubber Coating — Chain link fences can also be coated in a variety of colors to help them blend into their surroundings.

Privacy slats — For use cases where privacy is important, privacy slats can be inserted into chain link fabric to create a “solid-looking” fence that prevents outsiders from seeing inside.

From residential chain link with privacy slats to heavy-duty commercial security fencing, chain link is a good choice for a variety of project types. Chain link’s practicality, ease of installation, and low upfront cost make it an incredibly popular fencing material.

Chain Link Fence and Gate Solutions

What Kind of Chain Link Fence Do You Need?

Chain link comes in a variety of sizes and with many different options. We work closely with our clients to help them choose the appropriate chain link fabric, framework, and accessories to create a fence that meets their needs.


A fence’s framework provides the backbone of the entire chain link structure. Post footings must be property set and spaced to withstand the weight of the metal fabric and accessories plus any loads that the fence might encounter (wind, etc.). We work closely with our customers to ensure that all Sanger Fence chain link projects exceed structural requirements.


Sanger Fence is California’s go-to professional chain link fence contractor. With decades of experience installing all types of chain link fences and chain link fence gates, we can help you install a chain link fence that meets your requirements.


Most chain link fences are coated with galvanized or aluminized coatings and require very little maintenance. However, when a chain link fence is damaged or falls into disrepair, Sanger Fence’s team of fence experts can repair it quickly and correctly — giving you peace of mind.


Single and double gates, barbed wire, security slats, and custom micro chain link fabric are all within our area of expertise. No matter what you envision, we can craft a chain link fence to match your specifications. Contact us to discuss your project in more detail with one of our experts.

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