7 Benefits of Installing a Wood Fence

Wood fences are timeless, and the possibilities for this easy-to-work-with material are virtually endless. Many of the wood fences our company built decades ago are still standing. Wood fencing and wood gates can increase property value, are durable, and work well in a variety of applications. Here’s a list of other benefits:

Style Choices

Wood fences are highly versatile. A rail fence is an excellent simple choice to surround a large area, while a picket fence is classic and inviting. A privacy wood fence is perfect for those who want to shield their yard from neighbors and deter burglars. Whatever your needs, Sanger Fence can help you pick the right design.


One of the biggest appeals of a wood fence is how customizable it is to fit your requirements. Some options for customization include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fence height
  • Gate width
  • Matching accessories, such as wooden flower boxes
  • Changeability — panels can be trimmed to lower the height if desired

Easy Installation

Because a wood fence is simple to install, you don’t need to worry about ongoing disruption to your home or business. We can install a wood fence quickly and efficiently, allowing you to start enjoying the new look sooner.


It is incredibly simple to change the entire aesthetic of your yard just by painting or staining your wood fence. Although wood is naturally resistant to decay, painting or staining it can help to minimize damage from the sun’s UV rays. Another option is to treat the wood and allow it to age naturally.

Environmentally Conscious

Wood is an environmentally friendly, all-natural fencing material. The boards can be treated with environmentally conscious stabilizers and preservatives that protect them from swelling or termite damage without harming the soil or groundwater. It is also safe to simply disassemble it and dispose of it if you need.


Wood fences are less costly than those made of materials such as wrought iron, vinyl, or aluminum. They are also inexpensive to maintain. The average treated wood fence can last for decades with nothing more than an occasional scrub.


Because they are natural and customizable, wood fences blend well with their surroundings. This makes them a popular choice for rural areas, suburbs, and cities alike. From homes to schools to government agencies, many people turn to wood fences as an unpretentious yet beautiful choice.


We can design and build any kind of wooden fence that you can imagine. From special materials to innovative designs, no challenge is too great for Sanger Fence. (For example, check out the wooden enclosures we built for the Monterey Zoo). Trust Sanger Fence to design and install your new wooden fence or wooden gate and enjoy the results for years to come.


Wooden fences are a good value and can be tailored to meet any kind of use case. But wood requires occasional maintenance to maintain its longevity and beauty. If your wood fence or gate needs attention, we can save you time and money by repairing your existing fence — even if we did not originally install it.

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